Missy Hamilton Memorial Fund

Missy was passionate about helping others. After battling and recovering from her own addictions, Missy chose to become equipped to help others find their way to the healing she had found by earning her BA in Psychology and her Masters in Clinical Health Studies. She was especially driven to help people trapped under the weight of addiction, and the pain that comes with it. Missy spent the rest of her life in service to others as a counselor in both her personal and professional life; offering a shoulder to lean on, words of encouragement and advice, prayers of support, and ultimately sharing with others about the healing she found in Jesus Christ.

When Missy’s life was taken on December 3, 2019, she left behind a legacy and example of love, compassion, and servanthood. In an effort to carry on that legacy and continue Missy’s work and ministry, Christ Life Community Church has created a scholarship fund to help people in need of professional counseling for addiction, grief, family dysfunction, and mental illness.

We aim to portray the love of Jesus Christ to the surviving members of Missy Hamilton’s family, and exemplify the expression of Jesus Christ’s tender and compassionate care to the beneficiaries of such aid. The intended beneficiaries shall include, but are not limited to, individuals requiring professional counseling in regard to addiction, grief, family dysfunction, and mental illness.

Eligible agencies to receive financial support from the established “Missy Hamilton Memorial Fund” will be well-reputed counseling institutions in the Middle Tennessee area, preferably those exercising faith-based counseling guided by Christian principles. Public proclamations will be made to announce the establishment of the fund, and instructions will be posted concerning the preferred avenues of giving for interested contributors.

The distribution of funds will be managed by the Christ Life Community Church Benevolence Team, and all funds will be disbursed at their discretion, and in accordance with the Christ Life Community Benevolence Guidelines. Notification by mail will be given to the Hamilton Family upon each financial allocation, maintaining the privacy of the recipient in both their identity and the funds given. Additionally, periodic updates will be given to the Christ Life Community Church congregation via its website and weekly bulletin. Public notification to the community at-large will be made via similar media platforms.

This memorial fund will be retired at the end of the Budgetary Fiscal Year 2023-2024, with the encouragement toward a continuation by others to support such ongoing causes. It is with deep respect that we, the followers of Jesus at Christ Life Community Church, declare our prayerful commitment on this day, September 13, 2020.